“Greetings! The staff of the Antigua and Barbuda Bureau of Standards (ABBS) are on a quest to facilitate the development of the standards infrastructure of our twin-island nation, and welcome your…

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About Us

The Antigua and Barbuda Bureau of Standards (ABBS) is the agency authorized by law (The Standards Act) to  establish and maintain the national quality infrastructure (NQI – standards, testing, metrology – measurement services, certification and accreditation) in Antigua and Barbuda.

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Guideline for commenting on a standard

To comment on the draft standards, visit the ‘Standards for Comments‘ page to download and fill out the comments form. Please ensure that all instructions provided are followed.

For information on the process of how standards are developed  at the Bureau visit the ‘Standards Development‘ page of the Bureau’s website,

Please note: For details on requesting the development of a new standard please click the ‘Details’ button below.


Draft National Standards:


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Apr 23

14th April 2023

QFactor+ Digest (April 2023 Edition) by CROSQ

Download the QFactor+ Digest (April 2023 Edition) by CROSQ #qfactor_digest_(april_2023) #qualityatwork #QFactor #qualitynews #qualityhighlights #qualityinfrastructure #MemphisDocumentsLibrary

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Mar 23

6th March 2023

CROSQ Is Hiring.

The CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality (CROSQ) is hiring for the listed post(s) as seen below: – CROSQ’s…

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Online Platforms

Check out the e-learning page  to browse recommended sites to gain some more knowledge on topics pertaining to the work of the Bureau.

The FAO GM Foods Platform is a simple online platform to share information on safety assessment of foods derived from recombinant-DNA plants authorized in accordance with the Codex Guideline for the conduct of food safety assessment of foods derived from recombinant-DNA plants (CAC/GL 45-2003, annex III adopted in 2008).

View the featured additions for your online reading leisure:

For more online reading visit the Online Read Highlights page.  In the Literature menu are brochures and various publications also available for personal download.

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