World trade and globalization necessitates that all producers and consumers be aware of their rights to health and safety and protection of the environment, in the production and consumption of various goods and services, regardless of the places of origin. Standards bodies and standards related organizations in some ways play the role of mediator and judge to ensure that producers and consumers have sound platforms to execute their various roles in the circle of economic life on the planet.

Dr. Hayden Thomas, former Chief Government Chemist in the Ministry of Agriculture, with the cooperation of the policy makers of the day sought to bring Antigua and Barbuda on stream with the changing global and regional trends in economic co-operation, by drafting a proposal for the setting-up of the Antigua and Barbuda Bureau of Standards. The Antigua and Barbuda Bureau of Standards was therefore started as a desk in the Ministry of Agriculture in the late 1980s.

The Bureau of Standards is a statutory body established under the Standards Act (Cap 411) to promote and encourage the maintenance of mandatory and voluntary standards in relation to goods, services, processes and practices. It has responsibility for monitoring the manufacture of goods and the production of services to both local and international standards.

The Bureau of Standards is also seeking to expand its scope of operation to establish more information services, as well as services related to Metrology (the science of measurement).

The general public is therefore invited to visit or contact the Bureau to source further information on work in progress and to offer advice and suggestions on areas that may be considered for standards development or standards related initiatives.

For further information, please contact the Bureau:

Antigua and Barbuda Bureau of Standards
Old Parham Road
P.O. Box 1550
St. John’s
Antigua (W.I.)

Phone: 462-2424



The most effective and efficient resource for standards and standardization activities in support of sustainable development, improvement of the economy, industries and businesses in Antigua and Barbuda and the safety and protection of consumers and the environment.


To provide the best possible technical assistance for the economic and industrial development of Antigua and Barbuda, through the preparation and promulgation of standards, and in so doing become a proactive catalyst for consumer protection by ensuring that minimum standards exist for all goods, services and the environment.




Technical Committees

Below is the list of technical committees working with the Bureau in the development of national, regional and international standards.

  • Beauty and Wellness (Beauty & Wellness)
  • CODEX, Food and Agriculture Technical Committee (Codex&Food)
  • Consumer Products Technical Committee (Consumer Products)
  • Environment Management Technical Committe (Environment Mgmt)
  • National Electrotechnical Committee (NEC)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Technical Committee (OH & S)
  • Tourism and Hospitality Services Technical Committee (Tourism)