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This standard prescribes requirements which provide a framework for effective sewage treatment and management at tourism businesses. It addresses both operational and management considerations and the standards to be met for effluent treatment and disposal and/or reuse at the facility


Reference documents:

  • QTC 106:2001 Sewage Treatment and Management


Justification for standard:

Tourism establishments produce large volumes of wastewater from the above activities. Other significant streams of wastewater are generated from domestic sewage, bathing and toilet flushing. These streams may contain chemicals such as oils and grease, cleaning agents, disinfectants, washing agents, bleach and ionic and nonionic detergents. If this wastewater is released into the environment untreated, it can have significant impacts on the health of coastal and marine ecosystems and freshwater resources. For example the phosphates released by some of these chemicals can cause eutrophication in natural waterbodies leading to the death of fish and other animal life forms.


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