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This standard provides a basis for the development, implementation, operation, and evaluation, treatment and management and efficiency programme as well as to ensure a potable water supply at tourism businesses. This standard also sets guidelines to ensure that:
a) The water supply at tourism establishments conform to all relevant standards
b) Any risk of water borne diseases is reduced to a minimum
c) Swimming pools are hygienic

Reference document:

  • QTC 103: 2001 Water Treatment, Management and Efficiency
  • ISO 17679:2016 Tourism and related services – Wellness spa
  • Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) Tourism Accommodation: Health & Safety Technical Guide
  • CRS 36: 2013 Recreational water quality – Guidelines
  • ASTM F1346-91(2018) Standard Performance Specification for Safety Covers and Labeling

Requirements for All Covers for Swimming Pools, Spas, hot Tubs and wading pools
Note: Review of Jamaican Standards JS 319: 2012 Spa

Justification for standard:

Tourism establishments/facilities in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world, are typically significant consumers of freshwater and producers of wastewater. Freshwater is needed for housekeeping, laundry, cooking, swimming pools, spa facilities, golf courses and grounds maintenance, among other activities. It is critical to establish that the amount of freshwater needed by tourism establishments is used sustainably and does not affect the quality and regularity of supply to local communities or the health of ecosystems. Many diseases are transmitted through water. Disease outbreaks through water may result in infection of large number of persons. Water used in tourism organizations must be potable and meet the World Health Organization standards.


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