Press Releases
By Stevon Gordon / 29th March 2019

The Bureau of Standards to commence Scales Verification for shops and superettes

On 28th February 2019 the Antigua and Barbuda Bureau of Standards (ABBS) held its second and third consultations on the soon to be commenced Scales Verification Service. Beginning in the month of April 2019, Technical Services representatives of the Bureau of Standards will be visiting shops and superettes around the island to inspect, and where feasible, verify the scales used for pricing and pre-packaging of goods sold by weight. This verification activity will start in the Old Road, Urlings, and Johnson’s Point area, on Monday 1st & 2nd April. Affected shop/superette owners are reminded to contact the Bureau to register for the service (if not registered) and to take note of the  Bureau’s continuing schedule, as seen on the website: . The Scales Verification Service is a crucial aspect of the implementation of the Metrology Act 2007 and will be expanded to other economic sectors in the months and...

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