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The main purpose of “Metrology – in short” 3rd edition is to increase awareness of
metrology and to establish a common metrological frame of reference. It is meant to
provide users of metrology with a transparent and handy tool to obtain metrological
Today’s global economy depends on reliable measurements and tests, which are trusted
and accepted internationally. They should not create technical barriers to trade and a
precondition for this is a widely utilised and robust metrological infrastructure.
The content of this handbook is a description of scientific, industrial and legal metrology.
The technical subject fields of metrology and metrological units are described. The
international metrology infrastructure is detailed, including the regional metrology
organisations such as EURAMET. A list of metrological terms is collected primarily from
internationally recognised standards. References are given to institutions, organisations
and laboratories by reference to their website homepages.
“Metrology – in short” 3rd edition is commissioned by the iMERA “Implementing
Metrology in the European Research Area” project, contract number 16220, under the
6th Framework Programme and jointly financed by the European Commission and the
participating institutes.