Dec 17

5th December 2017

Standards Development work plan for 2018 – 2020

By Stevon Gordon / Community Notices

Standards Development work plan for 2018 - 2020 - We need your help!!! WE NEED YOUR HELP….. Time for a new standards development plan The Bureau of Standards needs your suggestions for the standards that Antigua and Barbuda needs to put in place over the next three years 2018-2020 You have until December 15, 2017 to send us your suggestions in one of the following ways … 1. Via e-mail 2. Via regular mail 3. Make an appointment to visit the Bureau and tell us in person Website: Go to www.abbs.gov.ag/standards/proposal-for-new-standards/ Download and fill out the form called “Proposal for Standardization Work“ Send the filled out form to our email: abbs@ab.gov.ag Regular mail: 2. Post or drop off your letter at our office: Mrs Gem Reynolds Manager, Standards Development Antigua and Barbuda Bureau of Standards Old Parham Road P.O. Box 1550 St. John's, Antigua 3. Appointment: Call Mrs Gem Reynolds at Tel #: 462-2424: To get further details via telephone OR To make an appointment to visit the office to get clarification on on how to make your input THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP! We are counting on you

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