Dec 18

11th December 2018

Bureau National Metrology Service Consultation 2019

By Stevon Gordon / Community Notices

2019 Start of Scale Verification Service The Bureau of Standards will be having important consultation meetings before the end of the first quarter of the year 2019 for owners and management of supermarkets, superettes, mini marts, and shops, in preparation for the 2019 start of the scale verification service. Venue, date and time are yet to be announce. To attend the forthcoming meetings, please contact the Bureau via tel#: 462-2424 or via email: jeanie.roberts@ab.gov.ag, Cc: alan.michael@ab.gov.ag. A Customer verification registration form is also available for download below to fill out to registration. Registration form can sent via email to: jeanie.roberts@ab.gov.ag, Cc: alan.michael@ab.gov.ag., or presented at the Bureau's office on Old Parham Road, St. John's.

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