What does the Bureau do ?

  • Prepares standards which are relevant to the economy of Antigua and Barbuda
  • Complies with the requirements of international trade relations
  • Provides a broad base of technical advisory and monitoring services for producers and manufacturers (This will in turn benefit the consumer.)
  • Facilitates presentations, training seminars and workshops to provide information about the development and use of standards in general or specific areas
Why do we need Standards ?


  • form the basis of trade, enhance and encourage trade;
  • provide opportunity for developing countries to compete on the world trade stage by removing technical barriers to trade;
  • form a platform for ensuring the quality of a product;
  • allow manufacturers to provide consistent and reliable quality, avoiding wastage (of materials and other resources) as a result of poor quality and rejected products;
  • (international standards) serve as the technical foundation for the global marketplace in order to prevent unnecessary obstacles to free flow of goods and protect consumers from the dumping of sub-standard products on their markets.