National Quality Awards Programme
Logo Competition


The Antigua and Barbuda Bureau of Standards (ABBS) announces the launch of the “National Quality Awards Logo Competition” today (Thursday 12th January), and which will run until Wednesday 8th February 2017. This competition seeks to establish the marquee symbol that will be identified with the soon to be launched, Antigua and Barbuda National Quality Awards Programme. The logo will be used in the recognition of products, services, processes and practices that have met the criteria for the awards.

The National Quality Awards (NQA) Programme, is intended to inspire businesses and organizations on our twin island state to implement and actively comply with the principles of the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) standard, published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

The National Quality Award programme itself will demonstrate how vital the effective and efficient use of Quality Management Principles is to achieving customer satisfaction. It is expected that the NQA Logo will be a symbol of deliberate efforts by organisations in attaining high standards of excellence and quality and therefore provide consumers with a sense of confidence in the products and services of organizations that are awarded for their active pursuit of Quality.

To this end the Bureau invites citizens and residents to share their talent and make their contribution to “Building a Quality Culture”, by participating in this Logo Competition. Interested participants can refer to the linked document for competition details, criteria and intructions, or contact the Bureau at Tel: 462-2424 or Email: Click Here


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