Last Chance for Comments on Regional Ketchup Standard

2015 - March - 18

The CARICOM Regional Organization for Standards and Quality (CROSQ) has submitted a second revision of the draft standard - Specification for Ketchup, for which Antigua and Barbuda is required to submit comments, in this final comments phase.

A revised version of this specification was circulated for comments in September 2012. Subsequently, the draft has been further revised, based on the comments received in that first revision. The revision of the regional ketchup standard has now reached its final comments phase. We therefore invite Antiguans and Barbudans to get involved and participate in this important process.

In view of this, you are welcome to peruse the following linked documents: the disposition of the comments received at the last circulation of the draft; and the draft standard’s amendment sheet. Your comments on the draft standard should be submitted on the comments form provided (required).

Your feedback is important to us as this ensures Antigua and Barbuda’s contribution to and position on this standard.

Kindly submit your comments to the Bureau of Standards by the close of business on Tuesday March 31, 2015. You must submit your comments in the appropriate format, as per the linked form, for them to be considered by the Technical Committee.

If additional information or clarifications are needed, kindly contact the Bureau of Standards office at telephone number 462-2424.


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