On January 9–13, 2017, the Antigua and Barbuda Bureau of Standards hosted a Verification of Fuel Dispensers and Calibration of Volumetric Test Measures Workshop, at the Bureau’s office on Old Parham Road, St. John’s. The workshop was facilitated by experts from the Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ), Jamaica, being sponsored by the 10th EDF-CRIP-EPA-TBT Programme and CROSQ.

Participants received training in the calibration in what is called fuel dispenser provers which then be used verify fuel dispensers that are used for commerce. This is to ensure that fuel pumps dispenses the correct volume of fuel. The privilege was granted in that participants also get to learn of experiences of handling provers.

The training session was geared towards bringing awareness to the Fuel Dispenser Verification Service, a new service to be offered by the Bureau, with to respect the proclamation of The Metrology Act of 2007, No. 17 of 2007, regulations.

To view clips of the session click on the video below.